Tennis Coaching

Tennis Coaching

Tennis Lessons are available to all members of the Ranelagh Club.  Our Head Coach provides lessons for both kids and adult members from individual to group lessons, squad training for juniors, cardio tennis and the ANZ Hot Shots program for the little ones.

For Coaching information please contact the Ranelagh Office on 9787 0265, Ext. 1 Wednesday – Friday.

ANZ Hot Shots Tennis

  • Red, Orange and Green levels
  • 5 – 12-year-olds
  • Low compression balls
  • Smaller tennis racquets and nets
  • 30 – 45 min lessons
  • Basic technique and tactics
  • FREE racquet on enrollment
  • FREE Hot Shot T-shirt

Squad Training

  • Adult Seniors (ITF)
  • Juniors (High-level competition Pennant or tournaments)
  • Drills and game-based approach
  • Matchplay
  • Fitness and access to strength and conditioning programmes
  • 90 min lessons

Adult Coaching

  • Fitbit Cardio Tennis.
  • Group challenges
  • Improve fitness
  • Learn basics of technique, footwork and agility
  • 60 min lessons
  • Fun & enjoyable
  • Ladders, cones, heart rate monitors, medicine balls etc..

Group Coaching

  • All ages
  • All abilities
  • Technique and game-based
  • Learn all strokes
  • Learn how to play doubles and singles
  • 60 min lessons

Junior Coaching

  • All ages
  • All abilities
  • Technical and tactical advice
  • Entry into Junior competition
  • Smaller groups (1:6 ratio)
  • 45 min lessons.

School Holiday Tennis Clinic

  • Fun for all ages
  • Ball Machine
  • Radar Guns
  • Give Aways
  • Prizes


Other Programs

  • Ladies Coaching
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Adult Group Lessons
  • Holiday Tennis Clinics
  • Christmas Break-Ups
  • Parent/Child Nights
  • Grand Slam Themed Tournament

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots (ANZTHS) is Tennis Australia’s official development program designed especially for children. This program is based on a learning-through-play philosophy, and playing the game of tennis is the central feature of each session. Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high make learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children. The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program is divided into 4 stages of development:

Launch Pad Stage (ages 3–5)

  • Court size: variable
  • Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)
  • Recommended racquet size: 19–23 inches

The Launch Pad Stage introduces children to tennis through games and fun activities. Children learn the basics of tennis, including how to serve and rally, and the lower compression red ball is larger than the standard yellow with a limited bounce.

Red Stage (ages 5–8)

  • Court size: 3 m × 8.23 or 6 m × 10.97 m
  • Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)
  • Recommended racquet size: 21–23 inches

The Red Stage is for beginning players. The red ball is larger than a standard yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high, making it a breeze for even the youngest players to hit comfortably. The courts and nets used in the Red Stage are also much smaller than standard courts, so it is easier for the players to cover the court.

Orange Stage (ages 8–10)

  • Court size: 6.4 m × 18.29 m
  • Tennis ball: orange ball (50% compression)
  • Recommended racquet size: 23–25 inches

After mastering the Red Stage, children move on to the Orange Stage, where the ball bounces a little higher and the court is a bit bigger.

Green stage (ages 9+)

  • Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
  • Tennis ball: green ball (75% compression)
  • Recommended racquet size: 25–27 inches

The ball used in the Green Stage has a greater bounce than the earlier stage balls and children play on a full-size court.


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