Water Activities

Water Activities


Ranelagh Yacht Squadron welcomes aspiring sailors, kayakers, paddle boarders, swimmers, dolphin spotters, snorkelers, windsurfers, fishermen, safety boat drivers and beach lovers of all ages.

Sailing Courses

Ranelagh Yacht Squadron offers a wide range of sailing courses for first timers to experienced sailors and for all age groups. All our supervised sailing sessions include on water safety boats, beach support and are run weather permitting.


There are ample facilities at the club to store kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUP) within the Main Boat Shed (MBS) at the Club.

Swimming Group

The Ranelagh Open Water Swimming Group meet a couple of times each week.


For generations, our bays have served as crucial nurseries for dolphins, providing shelter, food and a safe place to birth and raise calves. At least seven new calves were born in Port Phillip Bay last year alone!

Dolphins are curious and may approach you. If they do, slow down and enjoy the experience!

 It’s remarkable to share our marine backyards with these animals; they deserve a fair go. That’s why the Dolphin Research Institute is asking boaters to commit to Dolphin Distancing this summer.

Dolphin Distancing is about committing to being respectful around our dolphins and giving them space on the water.

It’s easy – don’t approach dolphins closer than 100m (boats including paddled vessels), 300m (jet skis) and 30m (swimmers).

You can help us show boaters how it’s done by making your commitment here and receiving a sticker to proudly display on your vessel: www.dolphinresearch.org.au/commit-to-dolphin-distancing/

Please report any offences to the Department of Environment on 136 186.

Mornington Peninsula's Slice of Paradise


Ranelagh Club is a little slice of paradise located in the Ranelagh Estate in Mt Eliza. With private access to the beach and club house,

there is a little something for everyone at the Ranelagh Club!