The Ranelagh Club – a little slice of paradise!


What is a Club?
”It’s an organisation of people with a common interest, who meet regularly and take part in shared activities”.


A range of sporting activities, a wonderful restaurant and spectacular views across Port Phillip Bay, private access to Ranelagh Beach…there’s something for everyone.

Today the Club has over 1800 members who enjoy social, sporting and family activities.  The Club is the venue for a range of entertainment, social and networking events and private functions.  Our membership is diverse, from young families and professionals, to retired couples.  We have members who are very new to the Mornington Peninsula and many who are long-term local residents.

We all have a common interest in our community, a healthy lifestyle and enjoying all that this wonderful part of the world has to offer. The Club has recently celebrated it’s 95th year of operation.  We are grateful to all member and guests who have made this possible and look forward to reaching 100 soon.


Membership 2021-2022 Fees


The Ranelagh Club offers a number of membership levels:

All new applications in 2021 – 2022 attract a $441 joining fee, except for those members whose membership has lapsed for not more than 5 years.  This is a one-off payment, payable in the first year of joining only.

  • FAMILY Two Adults and their dependent children under 25yrs: $795 per annum
  • COUPLES Two Adults: $675 per annum (must reside at the same address)
  • SINGLE PLUS One Adult and their dependent children under 25yrs: $561 per annum
  • SINGLE One Adult: $447 per annum
  • JUNIOR One under 18yrs – $110 per annum  (No joining Fee)  Allows a child access and participation in Tennis & Sailing programs at the Club.

Our membership year is based on a financial calendar year, 1 July to 30 June.  Membership fees payable annually and payable in full by 1 July.

Members joining throughout the calendar year will pay a pro-rata rate of the membership fee subject to which month membership is approved by the Committee.

Members can bring guests to the club throughout the year to find out your entitlements please read the Ranelagh Guest Policy.  Junior members are not permitted to use the Club House unless attending a Sailing or Tennis event, and are not eligible to bring guests.


Application Form & Brochure 


If you would like to become a member and want to know more you can download a brochure, membership application form and read our By-laws.

Applications must have two current financial members as proposers before submission to the Club’s committee for approval.

Our Members

Without engaged and pro-active members we would not have a viable organisation or community.

Every member should be a passionate, ambassador and steward of the Club, proud of their membership and the Club, the standards and rules to be upheld, the assets they use and pro-actively defensive of any event that erodes the value of their membership.   We invite all members to strengthen their relationship with the Club based on these principles.


Club Entry

Please remember to bring your gate access card to the Club for entry.  Access cards are not transferable and must not be passed on to other members, family or friends.


Club Safety

Parents and guardians please ensure your children are supervised at all times.  We certainly want the kids to enjoy our Club as much as possible but just make sure that they are supervised. There are plenty of dangerous temptations for kids to explore on our grounds and though warning signs prevail – especially about climbing hills and grassy areas they shouldn’t! – kids are prone to test them out.

With your constant assistance and diligence, we can rest a little easier when enjoying the facilities.  Remember safety is everyone’s responsibility.




Mornington Peninsula's Slice of Paradise


Ranelagh Club is a little slice of paradise located in the Ranelagh Estate in Mt Eliza. With private access to the beach and club house,

there is a little something for everyone at the Ranelagh Club!