Social Golf

Social Golf @ Ranelagh

Ranelagh Club runs a social golf competition for it’s members at various golf courses on the Peninsula.  Each competition, which is designed to be a friendly get together, is available to all members where less experienced golfers can try out their skills and learn from the more experienced golfers.

Ranelagh Golf Club Membership

Have you joined our Golf Club?

We are proud to announce The Ranelagh Club is now an official Golf Club in it’s own right.

Becoming a Ranelagh Golf Member is an option which benefits those who wish to enter competitions or play once a month or so, without incurring high Golf Club Membership costs.

The Ranelagh Golf Membership will allow each member to obtain a Golflink Handicap and will enable them to record their games and update their handicap on the Golflink website.  Please note, you do not have to be a Ranelagh Golf Club member to play in the Clubs Social Golf Days.

For an additional $130.00 existing members can become part of the new Ranelagh Golf Club.

Golf Membership Benefits:-
  • an official Golf Handicap provided by Golf Australia
  • play in competitions and win prizes
  • play social golf at any club
  • compete with your friends to have the lowest handicap
  • play in corporate golf days
  • no need to join expensive golf clubs





Mornington Peninsula's Slice of Paradise


Ranelagh Club is a little slice of paradise located in the Ranelagh Estate in Mt Eliza. With private access to the beach and club house,

there is a little something for everyone at the Ranelagh Club!